Sales Representatives & Business Lunches
No excuses... just results!

We specialize in coordinating drop-off catering, buffet, or individual portions for groups of any size.


We know how important timeliness is for your meetings. Based on past experience, our customer service representatives can give you a list of what times each restaurant can have food ready by. If you have a last minute meeting for 50 people, we can arrange food to be delivered from specific restaurants whose prep times are shorter than normal.

Your budget:

We are trained to work within your budget. Just let us know your budget per person, and we will alert you if it goes over before it is placed.


When preparing for a meeting in advance, call us at 237-MENU(6368) and let us know your budget, how many people you're feeding and we can email you up to 3 mock orders from 3 restaurants. Let us know which one fits you best and we'll make it happen!

Online Group Ordering:

Set up an account at and use the "group order" feature.

  1. Add "colleagues", and the order will be emailed to each of them to choose what they want to add to your order.
  2. Choose your restaurant.
  3. Set a date and time for your delivery.
  4. Pick something to eat for yourself.
  5. Set a "cut off" time for the order to be sent to our dispatcher... Voilà! You're in business!

REP-EAT Rewards Program:

Pharmaceutical Representatives are encouraged to join our REP-EAT rewards program. For every $2000 you spend on food, you'll receive a $50 gift certificate from Takeout Express.